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Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone.

—Octavio Paz (via sophianism)

(via sophianism)


This is all true about me. I experience this. And its all truth.


This is all true about me. I experience this. And its all truth.

1. You won’t find enlightenment in the 2am articles that will litter your interest history on ‘how to loose weight,’ ‘how to relieve stress,’ and ‘25 tips on how to make yourself more attractive’.

2. Exercise is not walking to and from the mailbox, and exercise is not simply physical; if you grow impatient listening to a conversation, find it taxing having to share your opinion, if the idea of facing your fears terrifies you more than the fear itself, then you are not exercising your mind to it’s full capability.

3. He doesn’t find you pretty? Who gives a fuck. You don’t need his opinion to verify what you are or what you are not. You are pretty, and you don’t need anybody to tell you otherwise.

4. If you feel like it’s necessary to drink at social gatherings just for the social status, then you are practicing weakness. If you want to drink, do it. If you don’t, then don’t. Simple.

5. Wearing something above your knees does not make you promiscuous. Neither does kissing a boy, or wearing red lipstick.

6. Hygiene is important. Look after your skin- you’ll be living in it for a while.

7. You won’t find good literature in the young adult section of the library. Educate yourself on old classics and literary novels.

8. Respect your parents. You live under their roof. It wouldn’t kill you to help around the home without having to be asked.

9. You will not find the answer to your problems through the 4th cigarette that you’ve smoked already today and it’s only 11am.

10. Do not let anybody touch you if you do not want to be touched.

11. Practice being alone, and feeling comfortable with it. There will be times in your life where you will have to be alone.

12. Face a phobia. Have an adventure. Do something shocking. Build on your life stories early on. It’s important to be able to look back and smile on memories.

13. Believe in whatever the fuck you feel your heart leans towards. Do not allow anybody to sway you away from that.

14. Skipping class is a must do, but don’t do it too often, least avoiding things becomes a habit you practice, not only in school but also in life outside of school.

15. Wear your size proudly. Size 8, size 12, size 18 or 24. You will never feel comfortable in what you wear unless you accept your body for what it looks like.

16. Study hard. You will thank yourself later.

17. Eat.

18. Throw out anything in your bedroom that has bad vibes attached to it. You are expected to sleep, study and spend time in your room. How are you expected to do those things in a room which contains a mixture of vibes?

19. Be honest, always. Be the most honest person you know. Also, practice the art of humour and laughing. Amusement keeps the brain alive.

20. You mustn’t just exist. What a boring thing it is simply to exist. Become one with the beauty that you find in the pleasures of life. That way, when you are lost, you will always find your way back to your true self through those things.

—20 things I should have been told before entering highschool. (via eloqu-ent)